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Kian Travels offers you the best way to experience the world-famous icons of Egypt and all over the world, such as the Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Aya Sofia istanbul. In short, Kian Travel provides you with the best of the best and maybe a little more besides! Enjoy our Website and we welcome your feedback.

Bellagio Hotel opening fireworks. 10/18/98

spectrum of possibilities

Our brand new Kian Travel Website contains the entire spectrum of possibilities to ensure a truly memorable stay all over the world. The vision, experience and insight of the Kian team members we ensure that each Kian Travel guest enjoys a truly unique, exceptional and memorable service from arrival to departure.

experience the very essence of Egypt.

Kian Travel's desire is that our website enables you to experience the very essence of Egypt and the entire world. Following a sumptuous breakfast at your deluxe hotel, take a chauffeur driven car to luxury malls or intriguing Souqs where there is something for everybody from cheap to chic to the exotic.

Romantic Dinners

Visualise romantic dinners in balmy temperatures, waves lapping at your toes against the moody backdrop of the impressive River Nile This is a mere glimpse of the many extraordinary experiences that Egypt have in store for you. To further enhance your experience, explore our website to discover the world with Kian Travel